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Kamera IP CF32-23X-XF200 3 WiFi Antenna 2 megapixel

2.000 ден. /парче
- 3 Original Antenna works More Stable Signal 
-Wireless, Practically cordless, portable, easy to install and moved 
-Monitor, Control and Playback via Android Smartphone and IOS 
-Record Can be installed SD card up to 64Gb Class 6-10 OK 
-Movement rotates left and right 360 and up below 80 
- 2-Way Audio Communication, can hear and talk from a smartphone- 
image ( 
Selectable Resolution VGA & 720) -Infrared- record and delete automatically

-Digital Zoom -Network Mode, make friends who want to monitor online 
-Can be installed NVR to appear on TV monitors (record in NVR / DVR, integrated with camera analog) 
-Setting is very easy, no CD needed, no need to use LAN cable , can be directly wifi modem 
-Push notification, 
-Motion Alert, Photo Thieves who go into the house and send an email to our cellphone, very helpful, even if the camera is damaged or brought the thief 
-Application using FINDCAM, User Frendly (Not Yoosee / Yyp2p / Xmeye / V380) 

1x IP Camera 
1x Bracket 
1x Adapter 
1x Screw + Viser 
0 ден.
за нарачка над 2.000 ден. испораката е бесплатна
Вкупна цена
2.000 ден.

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